Ecoles de la Terre un jour - Ecoles de la Terre toujours !

Ecoles de la Terre un jour - Ecoles de la Terre toujours !

mercredi 18 octobre 2017


Thanks Nandalal Baidya, Secretary of "Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society" [please see below EDLT] for the West Bengal the "water program" of EDLT is taking on a new dimension.

In the villages of Sundarbans Islands, the living circumstances are difficult, sometimes unsanitary. The bad quality of water, as well as the level of hygiene often insufficient can explain the bad situation. The children's health is often critical and for some immediate intervention is required. The diseases that are most and more noticeable are the change of skin, the eczemas, the furuncles, the lung infections, the lips and eyes infections such as the bowel problems, the gastroenteritis, the diarrheas and the dysenteries.

Is for this reason that in order to provide safe drinking & cocking water in our Sundarbans Islands Branch we have established 7 water purification plants [a total of 10 in India]. Each of them delivers water benefiting children, their families and other communities.

I am pleased to show you the first photos and to report you below my speech I could deliver yesterday in videoconference on the occasion of the ceremony.


For the inauguration ceremony of our water removal filter plant, I cordially greet authorities and official representatives of 24South Parganas Raidighi. I am referring in particular, the Bloc President, Office in charge of Raidighi Police Station, Principal of Raidighi Panchayat, Members of local Committees, Doctors, Nursing Home Members, Bank officers, Suppliers, Shopkeepers …

 I also kindly greet the other people, families, parents, students and the staff of EDLT Welfare Society  under the leadership of Nandalal Baidya !

On behalf of EDLT Geneva I wish you a very happy ceremony of inauguration.  Moreover, I warmly thank our Sponsor CÉDRIC MARTIN FOUNDATION in Geneva for his great help !

Sundarbans on the bay of Bengal is sitting on world's most delicate ecological balance. Villagers are fed up with recurrent stomach ailments caused by consumption of contaminated water for years. Hand pumps, the only source of drinking water are not only contaminated but also have dissolved iron and salinity rendering water unsafe for drinking.

According to a recent United nation report more than three million people in the world die due to contaminated water. In India over one million persons die of water born diseases each year.

Keeping health for the people of Sundarbans means supply of safe drinking water.  

We already installed seven water filter plants in our school premises at Srifaltala, Purbajata, Sonatikari, Kumrapara, Raidighi, Purkait Gehri and Nalgora. 

The consequence of this is that henceforth many thousands of people will use safe water.

People and poorest above all don't know how much they have to pay for water ! Why ? Because they don't take into account the expenditure for doctor and medicine they have to pay after drinking unsafe or contaminated water !

One of the primary objectives of EDLT Welfare Society is that water treatment plants provide pure water for everyone. That is why we will intensify awareness programs. We rely a great deal on the capacity to work in collaboration with the families in particular with mothers !

I thank Nandalal Baidya and all staff of EDLT Welfare Society for their great and valuable collaboration.  I thank authorities of Raidighi Bloc and each of people mentioned earlier  for their precious help and implication ….

Martial Salamolard - Ecoles de la Terre, Geneva, Switzerland

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